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How to Balance Earning An Income While Giving to Others & Finding God with Sandy Marie #41

February 01, 2023 Yegi Saryan Episode 41
The Yegi Project
How to Balance Earning An Income While Giving to Others & Finding God with Sandy Marie #41
Show Notes

In this episode we talk to Sandy Marie, an entrepreneur who is balancing earning an income while giving away her time and resources to helping others. She turned her passion for cooking into a catering company, and her passion for giving to others - after finding and embracing God - into a ministry, foundation and newly published novel. Sandy’s story is an inspiring an interesting one, and we hope her experiences and advice will help her help even more people!

Sandy's Book, "In My Sin is Where He Found Me:" 

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Yegi is a young entrepreneur who has always been curious and hardworking. You can say she has always seen things out of the box and been able to creatively solve difficult problems. Her cool and collective spirit in life and business makes you want to be around her. She thrives on inspiring others and helps others see things from a positive point of view.

The Yegi Project, is the podcast for the young entrepreneur who may not know where to start, doesn’t have anyone to guide them in the right direction and may not have full support from others. This podcast is called The Yegi “Project” because although Yegi is happy with where she is now, she knows that she still has a lot to do to complete her mission and purpose in this world. She aims to use this podcast to work hard alongside all of you to grow to a point where she can make a lasting change in people’s lives and in the world. 

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